Speak like a Saxon: Are you my friend?

We're a nation of many peoples, right? Welcome, Romans! Angles! Welcome, Saxons! Welcome Danes and Norwegians (we'll forgive you for stealing our stuff, vikings) and French, Spanish, Polish, Moroccans, Algerians and all the rest. Let's all be nice to each other.

Bist þu min freond?

Are you my friend?

[Bist thoo min fray-ond?]

Ic eom þin freond

I am your friend

[Itch ay-om thin fray-ond]

Now, there are some more poetic words for 'friend'. You could replace freond with:

eaxlgestealla - shoulder-companion

fréawine - lord and friend

géowine - friend of old

sundorwine - bosom buddy