Bath time

 A couple of weeks ago I watched a tiny robin having a bath just feet away from me.

It was cold. It was wet. But the little bird was happy.

When your Old-English ancestors went for their annual* wash I bet they were just as cold and wet, and probably less happy about it than our feathery friend.

But we have the Anglo- Saxons to thank for our word 'bath' (bæþ) at least.

And they even got quite poetic about it. The sea was 'the seal's bath' (seolhbæþ)

Gif me þone sāpe

[Yif me tho-nuh saa-puh]

Pass me the soap (please)

And how about this for the end result...

Eart þu sȳferlīċ nu?

[Ey-art thoo soo-fer-litch noo?]

Are you clean now?

*I'm guessing there was none of this modern daily shower malarky...