Speak like an Anglo-Saxon #2

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were suddenly transported into an Anglo-Saxon hut? Could you make yourself understood? Or would Brit-Abroad syndrome strike, as you gesticulate wildly and speak as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible? Use these simple basics to stay alive in the murky tenth century.

My name is [Bob] = [Bob] is min nama. [‘Bob iss min nam-a’]

Hello, I am an Englishman/woman. = Hwæt,* Ic eom engliscman. [‘H-wat, itch e-om englishman']

I am not a Viking = Ic eom no wicing [‘Itch e-om no wi-king’]

I have no money/gold = Ic hæbbe nan goldes [‘Itch hab-be nan gold-es’]

Where is the toilet? = Hwær is gang? [‘H-wahr iss gang?’]

Next week: getting past the basics.

* Hwæt is your general attention-grabbing word in Old English and can mean pretty much anything between 'Oi, you over there' and 'what ho', 'indeed' and 'listen up'.