Speak like an Anglo-Saxon #5: Outside

For our pre-Conquest ancestors there was no rosy, post-victorian romanticism of the natural world. Let's face it: it was nasty out there. Who knows what lurked in the darkness... But, should you find yourself traipsing about in the olde Englishe countryside, some of the following might come in handy:

Where has the path gone? = Hwær cwom pæð? ['H-where cwom path?']

This water is iron-hard. = þis wæter is swa heard swa isern. ['This wat-ter is swa hey-ard swa is-ern']

Do you see the tree? = Siehst þu þæt treow? ['See-ist thu that trey-ow?']

Yes, it moved. = Giese, þæt eode. ['Yee-esse, that ey-od-e']

Oh! Oh! A wolf! = Eala! Eala! An wulf! ['Ey-ala! Ey-ala! An wolf!']