Speak like an Anglo-Saxon #9: Winter

So, it's the coldest day of the year and our boiler has broken, threatening to explode at any moment if we so much as mention the central heating. Consequently, it's freezing. It's about time, then, for some (rather enforced) historical reenactment...

...Huddling round the fire in the hut trying to keep out of the drafts; wrapped in layer upon layer of woolly cloaks, furry hoods and unidentified bits of animal skin...

Min nebb is ceald - My nose is cold ['Min nebb iss kay-ald']

Ond mine fet sindon ceald -
And my feet are cold ['Ond mee-nuh fayt sin-don kay-ald']

þeos fyre is to lytel –
This fire is too small [‘Thay-oss foo-re iss toe lit-el’]

Hwær cwom hatnes? –
Where has the heat (or ‘hotness’) gone? [‘H-wahr kwom hat-ness?’]

Luce seo duru –
Shut the door [‘Loo-ke say-oh duh-roo’]


Astelle wudu in þone pytt –
Put wood in’ hole (well, almost) [‘A-stell-uh wuh-doo in tho-nuh poot’]