Speak like a Saxon #15: The weekend beckons

You've got two whole days off before you have to start working again. That manuscript you've been copying for years can just wait. As can the money-counting for the thegn, the weaving and the hunting. For two days, you're going to have a weekend! But what to do...

'Let's sit and do nothing' - Uton we sittan and nales don ["oot-on way sit-an and naa-less don"]

'Let's eat turnips' - Uton we næpas abrucan ["oot-on way na-pas a-broo-can"]

'Let's sing psalms' - Uton we sealmas singan ["oot-on way say-alm-as sing-an"]

You get the idea. Here are some more words you might like to fill in the gaps with:

Uton we..... gan/gamolian/sacan - 'Let's go/grow old/fight' ["oot-on way gaan/ga-moh-lee-aan/sack-an"]