Christmas trees

Photo by Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash

It’s less than a month until Christmas. Are you ready? Have you got everything planned? What about a Christmas tree? 

Which is more environmentally friendly? A plastic tree you keep for decades, or a real one you get every year? Or what about one you drag out of the garden in a pot?

Well, the Anglo-Saxons didn’t have plastic. They didn’t have Christmas trees either, for that matter, since the Tannenbaum was a Victorian fad stolen from Germany. But, details aside.... 

‘We have a proper Christmas tree’
We habban geradlic Cristesmæssetreow 
[“way hab-ban ye-rad-litch Krist-es-mas-uh-tray-ow”]

‘You have a fake Christmas tree’ 
þu hafast leas Cristesmæssetreow 
[“thoo haf-ast lay-as Krist-es-mas-uh-tray-ow”] 

 ‘Our Christmas tree is environmentally friendly’ 
Ure Cristesmæssetreow is middangeardfreondlic 
[“oo-re Krist-es-mas-uh-tray-ow iss mid-an-yay-ard-fray-ond-lic”] *