Speak like a Saxon #19: in the office

I paraphrase an unknown tenth-century Anglo Saxon sermon-writer here: laziness leads to disease; hard work to salvation*... something to bear in mind while you're sitting at your desk 'working' away and eyeing up the biscuit tin for longer than is really necessary. Assuming you are working, though, you'll be needing some Old English phrases to describe your day. Some geniuses put together an Old English computer glossary a while ago, and we're all hugely indebted to them (http://www.u.arizona.edu/~ctb/wordhord.html) .

'My computer has crashed. I can't do anything' - Min searowundor forbrecede. Ic mæg nanwuht wyrcan. ["Min sey-arr-o-wun-dor for-breck-e-duh. Itch may nan-wucht woor-kan"]

'Where has the internet gone??!' - Hwær cwom eormengrundwebb??! ["H-warr kwom ey-or-men-grund-webb"]

'We have a virus' - We habban wælwyrm ["wey hab-ban whale-woorm"] (this technically means a 'slaughter-worm'!)

'Hail the webmaster/webmistress' - Wes þu webba/webbestre hal ["wess thoo web-ba/web-es-tre haal"]

* written in Vercelli Homily VII. NB this doesn't, of course, take into account salvation by faith (see Romans 3:21-31)