Speak like a Saxon #20: pets

What will you choose as your four-legged, furry friend? Will it be the old faithful hound or the kitty (like one Old Irish scholar who loved his cat so much the puss featured in a poem)? A goat? A sheep? A minipig?*

'There's not much meat on that' - þæt hæfð lytel æte ["that haf-th loot-el ate-uh"]

'This is my house-chicken' - þeos is mine hamhenn ["they-oss iss meen-uh haam-hen"]

'Come here, Athelstan!' - Cum her Aðelstan! ["Cum hair Ath-el-stan"]

'Heel!' - Hela! ["hey-la"]

'No Ethel, you take the dog for a walk' -Ne Eðel, nimst þu docgan to gaenne ["Ney eth-el, nim-st thoo dog-an toe gaa-en-uh"]