Speak like a Saxon: Thanksgiving

Sometime in the fifth century. You have just arrived on a cold, unfamiliar island. The clouds are oppressive and ominous. Some of the natives are friendly; some are definitely not.

A thousand years later, some plucky Anglo-Saxons made a similar journey across a much vaster expanse of water to make a new life in a vaster, yet similarly unfamiliar land.

Those who survived had much to be thankful for. This Thursday coming our friends across the pond are celebrating Thanksgiving (I know, this is a bit late for our Canadian friends who've already given thanks).

So, try this phrase, and insert what you're thankful for:

God sie þonc for ðæm þe he... ...

["God see thonk for tham thay hay..."]

Which translates as - Thanks be to God because he...

Your list of thankfulness might include: life, health, food, cheese, rain, sun, boats, no vikings, a couple of hundred years' grace before having to worry about credit crunches/peak oil/triple-dip recessions. Add your own! Vocab to follow.