Speak like a Saxon: Not the end of the world

Today is neither more nor less likely to be the end of the world than yesterday or tomorrow. Sorry, Mayan believers. In the year 1000, the Anglo Saxons thought it'd be the end of the world and it wasn't. But, just in case of fire, famine, flood or other global misfortune today, try these phrases:

Where has my boat gone? - Hwær cwom scip min?
["H-wair kwom ship min?"]*

This fire is very hot - þis ligbyrne ful hat is!
["This liy-boor-nuh full haat iss!"]

Why is this hedge of terrors here? - For hwon is þis færhaga her?
["For h-won iss thiss fair-ha-ga hair?"]

Watch out for the deep pit! - Beo ymbhydig færseaðes!
["Bay-oh oomb-hoo-diy fair-say-ath-us!"

*You can read about the man building floating escape pods, just in case, here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-20803579