Speak like a Saxon: look up

Compared with the rapidity of change on the earth's surface - hundreds of years of language change, urbanisation, industrialisation and the developments of the nuclear age; the night sky changes very little. The constellations that the Anglo-Saxons stared up at, on a quiet night's walk from the privy to the hall, are the same constellations we see today.

When you're stargazing, try this:

Hwæt! þis is eoforðring.

(Look!* This is Orion**)

[Hwat! Thiss iss ay-off-or-thring]

*(Technically Hwæt is usually used to mean 'listen', but it's a word that means 'pay attention', so you'd probably be ok with this here)
**(Eoforðring translates as 'boar-thong')



Michelle Winter said…
I just needed to stop in and say, "Thank you!" We have enjoyed your blog so much. Thank you for entertaining us with Anglo-Saxon!
Eleanor said…
Thanks! Really glad you're enjoying it. If you have any suggestions for topics do let me know.