The spacefarer part 1

This is a work in progress, and a request from my Dad. As such, there will be some grammatically erroneous words, but bear with me.

Ic þe soðan spell secgan,
hu ic neorxnewange nearlæceð
Tungolfara, freondes feawlic
Middangearde feore, Morgensteorra nearwwe
Feorþeod, sidweg....
Ne faran naenes her biforan

[I will tell you a true story, 
How I came near to the plains of heaven,
A star traveller with few friends.
The earth far away, the morning star near,
A faraway country, a long road.
No-one came here before.]

All plot suggestions gladly received! Where does he go? What does he see? What does he learn along the way? And what would an Anglo-Saxon beast of battle look like in space?

I've recently found the Old English Translator and it's really useful. I'd highly recommend it as a useful tool for writing your own Anglo Saxon.