Going for a run

I enjoy a nice leisurely run at lunchtime. Our Anglo-Saxon ancestors probably did more running away than running around (away from dangerous beasties/vikings/*insert fear here), but, hey.

Here's one for you athletes:

Ic eom rynig

I'm good-at-running 

[Itch ay-om rrin-ig]

Eart  þu rynig?

Are you good-at-running?

[Ay-art thoo rrin-ig?]

Beware...rynig looks like a false friend. Don't tell people you're runny, or they'll ask what you ate and keep their distance...


Unknown said…
Hey, why do you switch verbs between question and answer?

You can say,
eart þu min freond? Ic eom þin freond OR
bist þu min freond? Ic beo þin freond.

I dunno, never hurts.
Spotnik said…
How does that translate to “good at” running?