Coffee and headaches

"Athelstan! Coffee please!"
"Sorry dear, it hasn't been invented yet..."

Coffee cures many ills, including that sleep-deprived-headachey feeling that last all day long.

But you're an Anglo-Saxon so it doesn't exist for you.

Instead you'll have to look sad and whimper:

Ic dríege mid héafodece

I suffer with a headache

[Itch dree-egg-uh mid hay-aff-od-etch-uh]


Unknown said…
Great blog which always raises a smile - I was taught OE by Richard Bailey at Newcastle in the 1980s and loved it, esp 'The Ruin' and 'Maldon'. Thinking of modern versions of 'The Wanderer' I thought of the Star Trek series 'Voyager', although the ethos there is American optimism c.1995 rather than elegy...

How would 'Where no man / one has gone before' sound in OE?