Where no man has gone before


Photo by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

I grew up thinking I was going to join Starfleet when I was older. Sadly that didn't happen.

One of our readers said: "Thinking of modern versions of 'The Wanderer' I thought of the Star Trek series 'Voyager', although the ethos there is American optimism c.1995 rather than elegy...How would 'Where no man / one has gone before' sound in OE?"

I'm a little late in replying but better late than never... Here's my suggestion

Hwær nanne ne beforan næfre eode

Where no-one never went never before [you can never have too many negatives. The double-negative wasn't a thing for our Anglo-Saxon ancestors]

[Hwhere nan-uh nay be-for-an ne-fruh ey-oh-duh]